Beer reviews

An important aspect of life in a small European country is beer. Many SEC’s have a rich beer tradition, of which they are proud. Of course, the supreme beer country is Belgium. I won’t even try to explain this point. If you disagree, then you haven’t been to Belgium (or a proper beer bar).

Every other week, me and the guys meet in a bar for a few beers. In this weblog, I will place reviews of the beers I’ve had, including grades. Its just my opinion, and not a professional tasting record, so no nagging about me not keeping up to a standard. I will keep the Belgian terminology in classifying the beers, so if you’re not familiar with it – see

This week’s review:

  • Hertog Jan – very nice pilsner. 8
  • Guinness – well, you know Guinness, no need for a review. 7
  • Weihenstephan – German wheat beer, nothing special. 6
  • Leffe blond – a classic. 9
  • La Chouffe – usually a great choice, but I can’t taste the 5th beer properly, no grading therefore. What a shame, I will have to have another Chouffe sometime soon.

As the weeks go by, I will try to work my way through the menu of our regular bar, which has some 160 beers availabe. These reviews might take some time. Keep track!


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