Choosing the right tools for the job

One month into the PhD project. I have been spending a lot of time looking into the tools I will be using in my research. Which knowledge do I miss, what software will I be using, where will I look for information, these are the questions that have had my attention in the past weeks.

One specific tool I am already a big fan of is mind mapping. Mind mapping allows me to gather all the bits and pieces of knowledge I am collecting in one space, and connect them to each other in a way that makes sence. You can put anything in a mind map – a website link, an article (with references), an idea, a note. And a mind map is like a living organism – it never stays the same, always growing and changing shape, just as the ideas in your mind that keep morphing and getting in and out of shape.

In the future, I want to add a special section to this weblog, where I will post the links to the software I am using. My goal is to stick to open source software, that everyone can access and use free of charge. In this way, the readers of this weblog can test the software themselves and evaluate whether it is suitable for their purposes or not.


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