Beer reviews 3

Yet another beer review. The goal of these reviews is actually somewhat internal. I mean that its just to remind myself as to which beers I enjoyed. Someone else reading this, would not be able to use these, as its a matter of personal taste. The question as why am I writing these reviews in a weblog remains open.

  • Brand – bitter-sweet, good choice! 7
  • Chimay Blauw- rich caramely taste, syrup-like. 7
  • Orval – slightly sour, fresh. 6


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2 responses to “Beer reviews 3

  1. C’mon… Orval is better than a 6!

    • Congratulations on being the first to comment in this weblog!

      As I said, its a matter of taste. Perhaps the fact that it was the 4th beer, and that I have been drinking it right after a heavy Chimay Blauw have been involved.

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