Swedish literature

Perhaps it was the Scandinavian landscape that has inspired all these Nobel prizes

Some small (European) countries are really good in a certain thing. What they call a niche market. Sweden is apparently amazing good in literature. At least, that’s what the The Nobel Committee for Literature thinks. This year, the award went to a Swedish author for the 7th time! Add to this the 7 winners from other Scandinavian nations, and its obvious that, as far as the Nobel Committee for Literature is concerned, the Scandinavian writers are world’s best. Popularity is of course a bad measure for quality (McDonalds is an example of low quality and supreme popularity), but even so, if they are so good, how come no one has heard of them? Well, ok, some have heard of them, for sure. But I’m quite a reader myself, and of these 14 winners I have only read works of Knut Hamsun, and am  vaguely aware of the name of Pär Lagerkvist. I’ve checked and of the other winners I am familiar with one in three names and half of the ones I recognize I’ve read works of. Guess its a feature of small European countries that (like any small country) they tend to overestimate their own importance.


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