My favorite Trappist

If I would keep going through the beer menu in the order of the pages, I’d have to start this week’s drinks with Rochefort 10, 11.30% Alcohol by Volume. I wisely chose not to. It’s almost December, but the weather is not nearly cold enough for such feats. However, it was sufficiently cold for me to enjoy my favorite of the Trappist beers – Westmalle.

  • Westmalle Dubbel – I’ve mentioned often enough that Dubbel beers are not among my favorites. Yet this one is a notable exception. The cold outside adds to the experience of the slightly fruity, but not too sweet dark aromatic beer. 7, which is very high as far as Dubbels go by me.
  • Westmalle Tripel – Definitely one of my favorite beers. Sure, it goes best with a  summer Saturday evening, or on afternoon of an autumn Sunday, but I’m so not complaining about drinking it on a late November Monday. 9

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