The small things in life

This week my life just got (a little bit) better. Next to my home, a massive road renovation project has been under way for the past several months. Sewage is being replaced, roads repaved, crossroads closed, the usual urban construction mayhem. The project is quite big and is being done in phases.

One of the phases has been completed weeks ago, and the crossroad has been opened for traffic. But a small, rather insignificant piece of bicycle path has been left unfinished, with some 20 meters of the final pavement to be placed. It sat there for weeks, and every morning I cycled over two slight bumps in the path, as I went over the scraped asphalt. On itself its a very minor thing, but as we all know, its the smallest inconveniences that are the most troubling, like a hair in your soup or a tiny splinter in your thumb. Most annoying was the fact that for me every workday started and finished with a small disturbance. I was starting to think that the workers have forgotten completely about this incompleteness and accepted its existence.

Well, as I said, my life just got a little bit better. The cycling path is now finished and my days start and finish with (yet another) positive note. Time to finish this one.


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