Business cards are researcher’s best friends

Last weekend I lost my wallet. A bit foolish of me, but no one has ever lost a wallet in a smart way. My way was to try on a pair of pants in a store and forget that my wallet is vulnerably located in my back pocket. The pants fitted, but when I went to the cash register to buy them I discovered I had nothing to pay with.

Fortunately, nowadays (almost) everything is digitalized. With a couple of phone calls and a few mouse clicks I was able to block and/or cancel all the plastic cards our lives rely on in the 21st century. Which basically meant that I couldn’t pay for anything, use the public transport, go to a museum, enter my office, get health services or donate blood. Most frustrating was the fact that the coffee machines at the university are operated by your plastic employee card – which I now didn’t have.

You’re probably wandering how is all this related to business cards? Well, I’ll tell you. I had several business cards in my wallet. The first thing I’ve done in my new job as a PhD student was to ask the secretary to order my new business cards. And now this paid off – one of the employees in the store found my wallet, saw the email address on the business card and voilĂ  – the next day I had my wallet back! So be smart – always have a business card in your wallet. You never know when you might need one.


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