Wanted – budget travel destination tips

A recently graduated friend of mine has just started a new job. She’s getting lots of money, but she has a minor problem. Since she has some 5 weeks of paid leave per year, which is quite poor by European standards, there’s just not enough time for her to spend that fat pay check (she’s doing her best though). Me – I don’t have such problems. As a university employee I have more than 8 weeks of paide leave per year. Adding the days leave I haven’t spent last year, I have more than 10 weeks of vacation to take in 2012!

So far I’m planning to spend two weeks volunteering at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and I’m going to Israel to visit my family and friends (and have a vakation) for two weeks. Then there’s the so-called Collective holidays, which are days everyone’s supposed to take leave together so that the university can be closed. This is being done in order to make a “bridge” between an official holiday happening on say Thursday or Tuesday and the weekend. The collective holiday is then on Friday or Monday. Christmas and New Year’s day are both on a Tuesday this year, and I will probably take the rest of the days between Christmas and New Year off as well, and have a winter break.

This all still leaves me with some 5 weeks of vacation to spend. And a tough problem – what to do with it? Since the PhD salary is OK but not great, I need a budget destination. Luckily I am not chained to the summer holiday, so I can go off season. Travel tips anyone?


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