Its possibly the best beer in the world

I lag behind a bit with posting my beer reviews. Doesn’t mean I don’t drink them. Here’s an update on the most recent tastings, though not in any chronological order.

  • Rochefort 10 – All I can say about it is mmmmmm…. possibly the best beer in the world. At least among the heavy ones. 9
  • Westvleteren Blond – One of the best blonde beers I’ve ever had. All the right proportions of slightly sour, slightly fruity, slightly expensive (exclusivity!) but so totally worth every penny. 9
  • Westvleteren Acht – well, as ususal with Dubbels – not a favorite of mine. 5
  • Christoffel XXV – A special edition, jubilee, bla bla bla – its dark, its heavy and when its finally winter outside its great to keep you warm and sweet on the inside. 8

The Westvleteren 12 was not available, hopefully they will have it some time soon in my regular bar. Or I will have to go elsewhere. In the meantime I’ve stumbled upon a list of (supposedly) the best Belgian beers. Needless to say it’s not my list (on my list there would be a lot less Dubbels and a lot more Maredsous 6), but if you stumble upon a Belgian beer bar and wonder where to start – starting with these might be a good idea indeed.



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2 responses to “Its possibly the best beer in the world

  1. mmm… beer… grrr…
    When you’ll come to Israel in spring, I’ll give you the best Israeli one – Negev. Their passion fruit flavored is something special (and I dislike flavored beers). What grade would Goldstar get?

    • Goldstar – 7. Nice flavours, not too sweet like some beers have recently become, nothing too fancy, just beer as it should be.

      About flavoured beers – I know just the person who would enjoy one.

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