Teaching duties

Part of my job as a PhD student is to teach students. So far I haven’t done much about it, but its all going to change soon. Actually, today I’ve done my first official teaching task. It was rather unexciting – I had to supervise an exam – but its a start.
In the next few weeks though my teaching duties are going to be much more meaningful. At least, I hope they will be. My supervisor asked me to assist in a course he’s teaching, about subsurface hydrology. I will be giving tutorials – help students with assignments, answer question they might have, that sort of things. Since the idea is to make the students proactive, my primary duty is to be available rather than be present. So the amount of time and effort I will have to spend on the tutorials is really going to depend on the students level of interest and involvement. Which is a big unknown.
All in all its going to be a new experience, and I’m actually looking forward to it. The life of a PhD is anything but dull. At least mine isn’t.


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