Try to remain invisible

12:00 Hmm.. interesting. I click the link. It takes me to the website. I choose the event. Fill in my email and personal info. They will send me the details if I’m chosen.

12:15 I’m in! I got the emal. “Use the link to get the instructions and MP3 file”. Read the instructions. DO NOT tell anyone the contents of the instructions. Try to remain invisible.

12:30 The MP3 is downloaded onto my player. I check the battery, take a back-up with me.

13:00 My instructions are… I can’t tell you what my instructions are. I can tell you that they are very precise.

17:30 I am out the door, on my way to the specified location. Soon I will get the rest of the instructions.

17:45 I am at the location. Its full of people. Some of them, like me, are awaiting further instructions. Who are they? I think I recognise some, but I can’t be sure. I don’t know what instructions they have. All I know is that I am to behave as in-suspicious as possible.

17:55 The waiting goes on forever. I wander around the location, scanning, searching, waiting, wandering.

17:58 Almost time. MP3 player ready. Are the others ready? Who are they?

17:59 Tick. Tick. Tick. I watch the big clock above my head as the seconds tick away. How can one behave in-suspiciously while nervously watching the clock amidst a crowd?

17:59:45 Hand on the play button

18:00 Play. For the next half hour I am not going to be myself. For the next half hour my name is


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