Beer 6666

I still mourn the discontinued production of Kwelchouffe, the best of the La Chouffe brewery. There is even a Facebook group called “We want Kwelchouffe now!!!!!” so I am not alone in regretting this unexplained and tragic event. The brewery still exist and produces other beers, including the classic La Chouffe mentioned previously. I was not able to grade it properly. I will try to remember to re-do the tasting next time. OK, I’ve drank it before and will do so again and I do know I like it, but I like to be formal on this one. In the meantime, here’s a review of two other products of the brewery with the devilish address.

  • Mc Chouffe – disappointing. Pretty much charachterless brew. 4
  • Houblon Chouffe – that’s much more like it. Asked how it tastes, the barman replied: grapefruity. Amazingly enough, it does taste grapefruity and its a good thing! 8



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