Spring has arrived to Europe

There are a lot of signs that spring has arrived. Like the arrival of the swifts, for example, or the blossoming of narcissus. The melting of snow is a good measurement, if you’re blessed with snow that is. Like in Alpstein, in East Switzerland, where they get a good 2.5 meters every year. Come spring, all this snow starts to melt, cows are released onto the pastures, scouting clubs march up the hills, yodelling on their way to renew the firewood supply in mountain chalets. Its a wonderful sensation to be hiking waist deep in the snow when its 25 degrees outside.

Cycling through the bulb flowers fields with your boy/girlfriend - can't get much cornier, but still nice.

In flatter areas, cyclists are on the loose, pedalling hand in hand along the flower fields. I call it corny, but I do it all the same ‘cos its just so nice to roll along in the sun.

Flowering trees - not everybody's enjoying it

However, spring is for many people, me included, the time of sneezing and itchy eyes. The sex drive of all these trees and grasses causes major inconvenience to me and all the people I sneeze on. Funny thing is that I don’t have that outside of Europe so in some sense I am actually allergic to Europe. This year’s medicine seems to work though, so its all good.

My favourite sign of spring though is the laundry drying outside. Not only better than the tumble drier for the environment, laundry hanged out in the fresh air actually feels and smells fresher! Hurray!

Laundry in the sun = spring is here

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