The Orange wave

Another sad chapter in the deceptions book of Dutch football has been written. To the losses of 3 World Cup finals adds a shameful zero-point exit from Euro 2012, of a team so much has been expected of. Undoubtedly tomorrow’s papers will be full of analyses of how and why. However, I would like to shine some positive light on this mournful situation. The people of Kharkiv have been given the chance to experience the Orange Army invasion. Yet another city has been swallowed up by the Orange Wave, thatmad cheerful crowd of Dutch national squad supporters. I have personally been a part of the Orange Wave swallowing up Swiss cities back in 2008 and I can testify that its a unique experience. The Dutch team is probably the most supported worldwide, except perhaps Brasil, and not just due to the football qualities of the players. Its the colour, the passion, and the image of Holland as the worldwide capital of sex, drugs and techno that gives the national football team and its fans a unique and universal appeal, magnified by the overwhelming size and excitement of the bright crowds that paint the streets orange everywhere they go. Here’s to the Orange Legions!

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