Illegal aliens flood Europe

My neighbourhood has been invaded. I’m not sure where they come from, Africa, Asia, South America, they’re not European – that I am certain of. And they are taking over. It seems there’s more of them here every day. Most of these immigrants are illegally here, many have been smuggled in and once their “owners” get tired of them, they just throw them out to the street. I don’t blame the newcomers, but I do think they might go a bit easy on reproducing themselves in such numbers – every park is simply teeming with them. The parks are also the place where most of them live, the small green field in front of my building being no exception. From morning to night they scream, fight and chase each other up and down the block. The colourful coats they wear make them easy to spot between the grey and brown locals. Speaking of locals – these foreigners steal their food, sometimes literally out of their mouth! It’s not that I don’t like them, they are cute in their own way. But they clearly don’t belong here, in Northern Europe. Just look at the picture below and imagine hundreds of them swinging on tree branches in a local park – its a hell of a sight!






Europe has been invaded by these foreigners – there are tens of thousands of them in Holland alone


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