Road to work in Europe, part II

In a previous post I’ve shared some of the things I encounter daily on my road to work. The city council, however, is making real progress in replacing the aged sewer, which means I need to overcome greater and greater obstacles on my usual route.

The road to work is blocked

By now, the obstacles have become so big, that I needed to switch to an alternative route. Fortunately, the new route is still full of small European things.

Flowers give color to the streets

A green field in the concrete jungle

All roads to work seem to lead past a prison. Well, to be honest, the building in the picture below is a former court, now an expensive private school. But the prison next door is still alive and kicking, right in the heart of the city.

All roads to work go past a prison

The vacation has started, so the rush hour is rather quiet these days. A busy crossroad is not that busy, the trains are less crowded and taking the highway is actually faster than cycling. But with this weather – why would I?

At the crossroads

These guys go faster yet arrive slower

Vacation time – traffic jam-free highway

A new feature on the alternative route is the airport. Despite the ambitions it has, it is still very, very local. The two benches that offer the best view to the runway are alternatively occupied by the park authorities employees dodging work, the car tuning youth getting stoned or plane spotters. There’s one plane they can always spot, no matter what.

The plane that will never leave – the fire brigade’s mock-up

Past the airport the route really gets rural. In the middle of the most populated part of Europe, there’s still some tranquillity to be found.

At the (cycling) crossroad – green is for a scenic route

What’s a Dutch landscape without a windmill?

And what’s a Dutch landscape without cows?

Another classic Dutch view along the road

And finally, just before the day starts, a small wave to the fellow commuters. Dutch style.

Cycle mom




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  1. Looking at your pictures makes me incredibly excited to be coming to Holland! Both my wife and I have Dutch roots, but it’s the first time our family will be there. Nice post!

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