Two tickets around the world, please

Exactly two years ago me and the missus departured on our amazing, long, tiring, exciting round-the-world trip. We’ve been away for about a year, and seen and done a myriad things. By now, the experiences have settled down a bit and I’ve decided to relive the experience by writing about every country we’ve visited. In the coming months, amongst the posts about life in a small European country, every now and then some travel posts will be popping up. Some of these will be connected to the life of SEC, others not, in any case I’ll do my best to write personal stories about the people we encountered on the way and not the regular “got up at 9, went to see X, had lunch, it was hot” travel weblog.

We’ve started from our home town of Rotterdam. Since recently I am writing for Spotted by Locals about my favourite spots here, so there’s no need to dedicate a special weblog entry to it. Check out the site – it has tips from locals from more than 40 cities worldwide! Next stop – London!

One of my favourite spots in Rotterdam

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