Leaving Europe

“See Petra and move on” was the motto of the Jordan leg of our round-the-world tour. However short the visit was, the three days spent in Jordan were long enough to comprehend the fact that we have left Europe – for real. The Petra entrance fees made the situation clear enough – 50 JD (55 Euro) for foreigners, 1 JD for Jordanians. From now on we were a walking ATM, and The White Man’s Burden was upon us.

This far out, even the English language becomes exotic

In Jordan, even being a statue is difficult for women

Despite the tourists crowds, Petra is an excellent place to experience what I call “The National Geographic feeling”

The message to those leaving Europe is loud and clear

Venturing beyond this point without a guide was dangerous. Needless to say we ventured beyond and returned safely. Actually, we’ve only seen this sign after we came in from the trail that starts beyond that point. Not that seeing it beforehand would have stopped us.

We were now in Asia and next stop was India, where the guidebook’s advice “try not to look like a tourist” was exactly as ridiculous as it sounds and where every legend and every tale ever told about India proved to be true. For good and for not-so-good, we were not in Europe anymore.

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