On the road to Cuzco

The old lady stands next to the path from Saksaywaman back to Cuzco. I don’t know how old she is, its rather hard to tell. She’s wearing her best clothes and is holding a lama on a rope. As we pass she says something in Quechua, I don’t understand what she says, but the meaning is obvious. We stand next to her to take some pictures. She doesn’t smile. Her eyes are in a bad shape, she probably can’t see much. Seeing the pictures now makes me think of my grandmother, how happy she was after eye surgery, and how this lady probably will never get a chance to see well. We give her 5 soles for the pictures. She feels the coin in her hand, and seems surprised as she recognizes the value. She mumbles words of thank you, tears fill her eyes. 5 soles is just 1 Euro. One of the best Euros I’ve ever spent.

The lady and her lama

The lady and her lama

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