Rotterdam – City of the Week

For the past two years, I’ve been writing for Spotted By Locals, which is a series of mobile and online city guides. As a “spotter” – that’s what us writers are called – I write about my favourite locations in my city, Rotterdam. I don’t get paid for it. It doesn’t make me famous (yet). So why do I do it? Simply put – because I enjoy writing, so writing for Spotted By Locals gives me an opportunity to practice my writing skills. And I like living in Rotterdam, so I see it as a valuable service to the visitors, giving them up-to-date insider’s information on the coolest spots in town. After all, I useĀ Spotted By Locals a lot myself, and without it my visit to Vienna, for example, would have been much less exciting.

Most of the spots I write about are free, and many of my articles are about the hidden green sites of Rotterdam, places like De Esch or Schoonoord. Rotterdam is a harbour city, an industrial city, not the “greenest” place around. Personally, I think that means there’s even greater need to cherish and explore the green areas that do exist here, and preserve the little nature we do have.

This week Rotterdam is Spotted By Local’s City of the week, which means the Rotterdam App is free, from the 16th to the 22th of June. Check it out, and read some of my articles there, too.

The view of Rotterdam from the Euromast is absolutely stunning

The view of Rotterdam from the Euromast is absolutely stunning (Schoonoord is hidden in the lower left corner)


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