City tripping in Europe – what to bring?

In my years in Europe (and beyond) I’ve been on quite a lot of city trips. And I must say by now I am quite efficient in my packing – taking only what’s necessary and leaving the rest behind. In the past, I’ve already shared here a bit of my fathomless wisdom concerning backpacking essentials. Some of the stuff certainly overlaps. For example, a pair of Crocs can be as useful on a city trip as when crossing an Icelandic river. And earplugs save your sleep on a glacier when the wind is wailing around your tent, but also on a night train when you’re next to a noisy ventilator. Well, enough of this prelude – to business!

  • Black All Stars, image by Hadley1978 (Wikipedia)

    Black All Stars, image by Hadley1978 (Wikipedia)

    All Stars. No, I don’t get a kickback from Nike. I just like wearing them, and I am fortunate enough to be able to walk on All Stars all day long without problems. They’re light, wide enough to accommodate warm socks in the winter and cool enough to wear in the summer, representative enough to attend a conference (the ones I attend at least) yet casual enough for an underground concert.

  • New Year's Eve in Berlin. Europe's "mild winters" can mean -8 C and a bone chilling wind.

    New Year’s Eve in Berlin. Europe’s “mild winters” can mean -8 C and a bone chilling wind.

    A rain coat. Of course a wind- and waterproof jacket is absolutely essential in the bitterly cold European winter. But at any season anywhere in Europe – bring a rain coat. Not joking – it may be utterly useless, but you may seriously regret relying on European weather. It might rain cats and dogs your entire trip, and an umbrella is just not good enough when the rain is horizontal.

  • A Senz Umbrella. Yes, I am serious – both a rain jacket AND an Umbrella. Yes, Umbrella with a capital letter. Because everything you called an umbrella so far was just a cheap replica. You know what happens to an umbrella in the wind? It folds backwards, doesn’t it? Well, not anymore it doesn’t. Because now there’s Senz – Umbrella’s tested in wind tunnels, that don’t bend over backwards at the slightest gust. Even the small ones that fit into a hand bag are stormproof up to 60 km/h (and the newest model up to 80 km/h)! So why would you need an Umbrella AND a rain jacket? Because European weather is treacherous, and it might be as hot and humid as in Singapore, and you don’t always feel like lumbering around town in your bag-shaped jacket.

Any favourites you bring along for a city trip? Do share!


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