Dear John (not your real name)

Dear John (not your real real name)

We met randomly and got close fast. Very fast. And very close. Too close, actually. You got careless, distracted, and as you looked the other way – bam! smashed right into me! The crash was mild, and we both could drive away. All I had was a smashed rear light, or so I thought. A couple of days later I got a word from the insurance. Total loss. Not that fixing my car was impossible, on the contrary, it was not a very big deal. But apparently, repairing a 13-year old Renault Twingo costs more than it is worth. And so, thanks to you being so careless in switching lanes, dear John (not your real name), I was carless. And I had to wrestle with your insurance company to get properly compensated for my loss. I imagine you know quite well that dealing with insurance companies is no fun at all – the way you’re driving you probably have to deal with them regularly.

I am not resentful, dear John (not your real name). Since we’ve parted, I have been doing my best to look on the bright side of life. True, looking for a new car without wheels of my own has been a logistic nightmare at times. But it gave me the opportunity to call on my friends for help, so I got to hand out some “helped a friend in need” credits. And I was planning to get a new car anyway, one big enough to fit two child seats at the back, but you know how these things go – I would probably drag the idea around for months if it wasn’t for you, dear John (not your real name). Most importantly, I got the book value for my car, which I would never get if I had to sell it, not in the state it was and with the mileage it had. So I guess what I’m trying to say, dear John (not your real name), is thank you for being so careless. But please don’t do it again. Once is enough.

That’s my new car – the Ford Focus Station Wagon, anno 2004. Yes, I am so cool I can ride in one of these, and still be cool. Well, OK, this one is from Wikipedia. Mine is blue. Much cooler. And it has cruise control.


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