Papa, Do You Have a Bike Helmet, Too?

As I mentioned in a recent post, I now write for the Bike Citizens Magazine. My first article has been published, here’s a little intro – click on the link below to read the full version.

“Papa, do you have a helmet, too?” my two-year old daughter asked. For a brief moment I did not know what to say. Because while she wears a bike helmet every time I take her on the bike, I am not wearing one myself, not when I’m bringing her to the day-care nor on my commute to work. As parents often do, I rescued myself by telling a half-truth – that I wear a helmet when riding my race bike.

In fact, by not wearing a helmet, I am making a wise, rational, scientifically supported decision. Wonder why? Read my article about it in the Bike Citizens Magazine!

The helmet goes with the rest of the racing gear

The helmet goes with the rest of the racing gear



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2 responses to “Papa, Do You Have a Bike Helmet, Too?

  1. Good article, but not right at all. I have fallen off my bike several times. Unfortunately I even cracked my shoulder, broke 2 fingers and cracked a rib as I fell off my bike and crashed into a wall and a street light on my way to work. I know for sure, that if I did not have my helmet on, I would be very very hurt ( as if all the broken parts were not enough).

    I wouldn’t reccomend anyone to fool himself or his children with wearing a helmet, if only from the bad example we set. Statistics are important for research and for others. Cut the crap is what I say. protect your calabasa.

    Dear and beloved Brother, wear a helmet and ride safe.

    In addition I ALWAYS wear long shirt and trousers, a helmet and a light in front and in the back of my ride. Stay safe.

    ps. I comment here because the Bike citizens does not allow to comment – it sucks.

    • As I mentioned in the article, there is a higher risk of a head injury when walking – but you don’t see many pedestrians with helmets on, do you?

      Risk of head injury per million hours travelled
      Cyclist – 0.41
      Pedestrian – 0.80
      Motor vehicle occupant – 0.46
      Motorcyclist – 7.66

      And, of course, in the Netherlands people cycle the most but get killed the least while cycling-

      Your personal experiences are what scientists call “anekdotal evidence”. Its bad it happened to you, but it proves nothing about helmet wearing. I do not know the details, but what you describe actually proves my point – a helmet did nothing to prevent the injuries you sustained to hands, ribs and shoulder. In fact, if you would not wear a helmet, you might be a more careful cyclist and not be injured at all!

      But don’t let the facts confuse you.

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