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The biggest Small European Country

Back in 2015, I’ve written a post titled “How to choose a (small European) country“. I pondered on all the reasons I had to move, and on the challenges posed by choosing a new place. I won’t keep you in suspension – I did move. Out of Rotterdam. Not too far though – the municipal border of Rotterdam is about 500 meters away. But its a whole different country I am living in now. Since a few weeks, I live in  the biggest country in Europe – Suburbia. Here’s how it happened.

In the post I mentioned, I set down several criteria for a new place to live in. I was looking for a properly run country, with a pleasant climate, where I speak the language, in Europe, close to mountains and not too far from the family. After some though, and to my big surprise, I discovered I already lived in such a country, and the need to find a new one was rather less urgent than I though. As you perhaps recall, my test for a “properly run” country was the quality of the tap water. The Dutch tap water is the best in the whole world, so the country is obviously properly run. To determine whether the climate is pleasant I came up with the “wine test” – if the climate is good for wine, its good for me. While the Netherlands is best known for its beer, there are about 200 commercial wine yards spread throughout the country, so the Dutch score again. After 14 years spent here, I speak the language very well, so its another one for Holland. The country is obviously in Europe, so that criterion is satisfied, too. The proximity to mountains is a bit more difficult one. However, the Ardennes are just a couple of hours drive away, and the Alps are within a day’s drive. Sadly, the night train connection to Switzerland has been discontinued, but it’s not like I was using it every month or something. Finally, I wanted to live close to the family. Since we were pretty settled on remaining in the Netherlands, we though we might as well get the best of it – and grandma and the cousins are within cycling distance. I think we’ll be visiting them more often than I would visit glaciers, so its quite a good deal.

And so, I’m still blogging from a small European country – the biggest one of all – Suburbia.


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The Alps – bite this!

It doesn’t get much more European than the Alps. The great mountain range pretty much defines Europe, stretching over 1200 kilometers and 8 countries, large and small. Careful here – it’s one bite-sized region you may not want to leave.

  • Why go there?
    The Alps have been developed for tourism for the past two centuries and are now filled to the rim with all a tourist can wish for. I mean, seriously, do I need to promote going to the Alps? They are big and diverse though, so don’t underestimate the undertaking of “going to see the Alps”. Its a bit like “going to Europe”. Just cooler.
  • What’s it best for?
    The place to be for a serious adrenaline junkie. If it’s extreme – you can do it here.
  • When is the best time to go?
    Any time. With the amount of tourism infrastructure, you’re guaranteed to have a good time in any season. My favourite time here is May and June, when the mountain pastures are blossoming.
  • How to get around?
    The train network of the Alps is famous for a reason. Use it.
  • Why is it best to avoid?
    Can be pricey. Avoiding Switzerland can help a lot though.
  • Where to go if you just have one week?
    Well, as I said, Switzerland is pricey. But you get serious quality for your money. Just choose a canton or a valley and stay there – the train prices are a real joy-killer.


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