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The India experience

Guide books about India are full of stories of the weirdest touts that await the inexperienced traveller. So when an Indian fellow approached us in our hotel in Delhi with a request, we were a bit cautious. He was blind (dark glasses, walking stick, the whole nine yards) and he was wondering whether we would be so kind as to accompany him to the Swiss embassy the next day, to help arrange his visa. We bravely decided that in case of trouble the two of us can handle one old blind old guy, and the next morning we were waiting at the lobby at 7 am, still a bit surprised but very curious as to what the day shall bring.

Long story short, the blind man turned out to be a travelling yogi, a philosopher and a poet, who travels around the world giving lectures and workshops on the meaning of life, a man with a wonderful of sense of humour, of profound wisdom and of great depth. Less than 48 hours after arrival to India, we were right in a middle of what could be one of Rudyard Kypling’s novels – hanging out with a blind wandering guru.

This little episode demonstrates perfectly how India is… different. Different than anything you have seen, than everything you’ve been told about it, different than you’ve imagined. Every time I think about the month we’ve spent there, I am amazed how saturated our India experience has been. There is a million stories to tell about it, but India is a place you can’t describe. You need to experience it. Like we did:

P.S. So far I haven’t used any of the tags I’ve assigned to this post. India is different.

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